Українська асоціація дослідниць жіночої історії та Центр міської історії за підтримки Фонду ім. Гайнріха Бьолля запрошують до участі у Міжнародній конференції до 10-річчя діяльності УАДЖІ


Львів, 9–10 жовтня 2020

Термін подання заявок - 15 червня 2020 р.

10-ліття діяльності Української асоціації дослідниць жіночої історії, заснованої в жовтні 2010 року у Львові, – чудова нагода обговорити стан досліджень з жіночої історії в Україні, оглянути здобутки та виявити проблемні сторони студій над минулим українського жіноцтва, спільно поміркувати над перспективами розвитку цієї ділянки та її роллю в модернізації української історичної науки й історичної політики.

Conference "Feminisms In Motion: Migrations, Upheavals, Relocations"

4-6 October, 2018 - CINiBA Katowice, Poland

Deadline - 31 March, 2018

This conference aims to explore the ways the idea of movement and the act of moving underlie and propel feminist sensibilities and practices; and how feminisms, in turn, draw on movement, both real and imaginary, in order to envision and arrive at better futures and more liveable lives.

Conference "Gender and the State. 100 years of the fight for equality in Central-Eastern Europe"

27- 29 November 2018 - Institute of Polish History PAN, Warsaw, Poland

Deadline - 31 January 2018

The decree of the Head of State and Prime Minister granting full voting rights to all Polish citizens "without regard to sex" issued in November 1918, was a milestone in the development of civic equality. It was also a special moment for women's emancipation movements, being at the same time the high point of their political efforts and the beginning of their socio-political participation as citizens with full rights of the newly recreated Polish state.
The hundredth anniversary of the introduction of these revolutionary laws, which falls in November 2018 in many European countries, is cause for reflection on the scope and character of equal rights over the course of this relatively long period, methods used in the fight for the equal political and legal position of women, as well as the role of state institutions and national and ethnic communities in these processes.

International conference Against Conventions "Uncommon Social Roles of Women and Men from Early Modern Times to 1945"

30 November – 1 December 2017, Wroclaw, Poland.

Deadline - 30 August 2017

The Historical Institute of the University of Wroclaw hereby invites scholars and PhD students to join us for the international conference: Against Conventions. Uncommon Social Roles of Women and Men from Early Modern Times to 1945 to be held in Wroclaw, November 30th – December 1st, 2017. The organizers propose to use tools which the category of gender gives in humanistic and social studies. However, we would like to overcome present tendencies to separate studies related to women or men. We hope that during the meeting it will be possible to capture mechanisms occurred while undertaking tasks which were contrary to social norms from both „feminine”, and „masculine” perspectives. We are aware that definitely more women  struggled with social boundaries. Nevertheless, we consider the reflection on men’s experience, who also faced such challenges, as equally important.

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