Theme: “Thinking and Talking About Women, Genders, and Sexualities Inside and Outside the Academy”

New Deadline for the Submission of Proposals: February 5, 2016
Conference Dates: June 1-4, 2017
Location: Hofstra University, Hempstead, New York (Outside New York City).

Women’s history has undergone enormous shifts since the First Berkshire conference, recasting dominant historical narratives and pioneering new ideas and methodologies. Fresh ideas about the very category of “women,” innovative studies of the body, new analyses of sexuality, trans-regional and transnational scholarship have transformed understandings of history. We now stand at a critical crossroads rich with possibilities for exciting innovations in research and teaching in this field.

Reviving connections between communities and institutions, historians are increasingly joining forces — inside and outside the academy – with an eye toward affecting social change and social justice. New forms of cooperation have raised important historical questions: What can we learn from internationalizing the discussion of women, careers and family? How can we use multi-sited histories of slavery to write gendered histories of global capitalism? How can scholars and activists collaborate to transform the pedagogical landscape in our ‘classrooms’? The 2017 Berkshire Conference will be a venue for difficult conversations about these and other crucial questions.

We will accept proposals for organized panels, roundtables, and workshops along with individual paper presentations for the following themed tracks, seeking submissions from historians, gender studies scholars and feminist activists who work on diverse periods and regions. The program committee reserves the right to break up and/or combine proposed panels, and will find an appropriate panel for each individual proposal that has been accepted. We support creative presentation formats involving performances or film viewing. Please visit our Call for Paper website listed below for explanation of the various session formats and instructions for submission.

Themed Tracks:

 - Gender and the State: Majorities and Minorities
 - Social Justice, Migration and the City
 - Globalized Labor
 - Slavery and Other Forms of Unfree Labor
 - Women, Gender and Capitalism
 - Sexualities, Gender and Science
 - Pedagogy and Work Culture, K-12
 - Women, Gender and War
 - Refugees, Asylum and Gender
 - Women, Gender and Religion
 - Performance Studies and Visual Culture
 - Politics and Popular Culture
- Work Cultures/Work Realities: The Academy and Beyond

For more information on track themes and session formats visit conference web-site

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Contact Info:  Yuki Terazawa
Associate Professor in History and Berkshire Conference Local Committee Member
Hofstra University
Hempstead NY 11549
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